Angelic Pure Med Water, LLC
Dealer/Distributor for Mr. John Ellis Electron LWM-4/5 Living Water Machines
Westbrookville, NY & Distributor for Angelic Pure Med WaterTM
Phone (775) 990-9845

• Human/Animal Consumption
• External Antiseptic
• Aqua fir treatment 
• Aquarium treatment
• Hot Tub (Jacuzzi) treatment
• Swimming Pool treatment

  • Water Cistern/Well Treatment
  • Water Catchment Treatment
  • Water Storage Treatment
  • Waste-Water & Waste Lagoon Treatment
  • Agriculture & Livestock water additive

All treatments involve the use of "Energized" water only.  No chemical or bio-degradable materials are used.  Full "treatment" instructions provided upon your request.​

Laboratory tests concluded with results measuring 0.07 PPM (Parts per million) "Purest Water On Earth"

With over 10,000 machines sold world-wide, and thousands of testimonials from people experiencing phenomenal health benefits, the science is hard to debunk.  Order your new machine TODAY, or just try a "FREE SAMPLE" of Angelic Pure Med Water!  See for yourself why this machine is destined to be the "INVENTION OF THE CENTURY", quote: Washington Post and "will cure anything".  
We guarantee results!

Angelic Pure Med Water, LLC offers both models of the John Ellis Electron Living Water Machines, and Angelic Pure Med Water (0.07 ppm) in 1/2 Gallon and 1 Gallon glass bottles.  We also offer Angelic "Energized Water" in 1-Gallon plastic jugs by special order, only.  
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Authorized Dealer/Distributor for: Mr. John Ellis' Electron LWM-4/5
Living Water Machines
"These machines are saving lives"
Engineer/Inventor Mr. John Ellis of Westbrookville, NY has world-wide patents on his remarkable invention.  In layman's terms, his machine transforms your POU (Point of Use) water i.e., tap, well, rain, bottled water into water as it was millions of years ago; free of all pollutants, chemicals, pathogens, and disease markers left from previous users.  
No other water filter, purifier, distiller, or reverse osmosis, comes close to the water produced by Mr. John Ellis' remarkable invention.
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We guarantee you will experience phenomenal results drinking pure, disease-free, hydrogenated/oxygenated water produced by John Ellis' machines.  With thousands of case studies on individual humans and animals having miraculous improvements with every part of their health and well-being, we believe in our American right of FREE SPEECH.  Furthermore, we dis-regard any and all attempts by the FDA to suppress or imply our product not worthy of approval.
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