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Angelic Pure Med Water, LLC Products & Information
John Ellis Electron LWM-4, & LWM-5 Living Water Machines produce two types of water. 

Type 1:
  • Pure, Energized, Distilled, Disease-Free Water.  This is the water to be consumed and can also be applied as an antiseptic.  Measuring 0.07 PPM, this is the purest water you will find, anywhere.  During the patented production process, your POU (Point of Use) water is literally transformed and purified.  The transformation is the machines ability to increase the hydrogen/oxygen bond molecules in your water.  This allows for your body's blood cells and organs to perform at maximum efficiency.  NO OTHER MACHINE HAS THIS ABILITY!
Type 2:
  • Energized Tap Water (Over-flow water).  This water still has some trace elements in the water, and is NOT free of disease markers left from previous users, as is with Type 1 water.  However, this water is "Energized", hydrogenated/oxygenated water and has multiple uses:  For the treatment of wells, cisterns, aquariums, hot-tubs, swimming pools, water-catchment tanks, water-storage tanks/facilities (Using NO CHEMICALS).  Also used in agricultural and livestock applications as an additive to drinking water, or watering indoor house plants and outdoor gardens. 
Price for Electron LWM-4 Living Water Machine:                                                         $1,700.00
          (Recommended for residential use)

Price for Electron LWM-5 Living Water Machine:                                                         $2,800.00
          (Recommended for commercial use)

Includes 1 - Year Warranty and FREE SHIPPING (USA Only)
1 Gallon "pure water" (0.07 ppm, disease-free) 2 - Hours; 
6 to 10 gallons "energized" water per hour.  
Please note that the LWM-5 has two (2) Ultra-Violet Lights, and larger transformer, resulting in a higher hydrogen/oxygen degree bond angle, and slightly higher production capacity.

1/2 Gallon "Angelic Pure Med Water"  (0.07 PPM)  Shipped in Glass ONLY                     $79.00

1 - Gallon "Angelic Pure Med Water"  (0.07 PPM)  Shipped in Glass ONLY                     $149.00


This pure, disease-free, hydrogenated/oxygenated, energized living water is produced using the patented John Ellis Electron LWM-4 Living Water Machine.  (0.07 ppm)  
Water is bottled in GLASS ONLY and produced under strict laboratory health conditions, sealed for your protection.  This water can be diluted to your tap or bottled water by adding 1 ounce
to one gallon of water.  Your water has now been "treated" and will have almost the
same affects as drinking straight.  However, if you have severe health issues, i.e., cancer,
diabetes, arthritis, severe digestive or respiratory disorders, blood or organ disease, use 
Please note that adding to tap or bottled water will not remove pathogens, or disease markers from the water.  
Only drinking the water straight provides pollution free, disease free water.

~ Make pure, disease free beverages ~ 
(Coffee, tea, lemonade, concentrated grape, orange, or other fruit juices).
Make Soups, Stews, Gravies, and Sauces using pure, energized, distilled water.  Also, make pure, disease-free ice, and watch how the ice-cubes literally expand out of the tray.  
You occasionally may even get an "ice sickle" vertically grow out of the ice cube!  

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We do not stock an inventory of John Ellis Electron LWM-4/5 Living Water Machines.  Each machine is built by hand to order upon confirmed payment received.  Machines are made of high-quality, hospital grade stainless steel, with quick-change connection adapter to your faucet.  Complete, easy installation instructions and cleaning instructions are provided, along with a complete parts list and price sheet.  New machines carry a 1 - Year Warranty on parts and workmanship.  Manufacturing time is 7 to 10 business days.  Shipping via UPS Ground - 5 to 8 days.  Estimated delivery time is 3 - 4 weeks.            SORRY, NO RETURNS DUE TO PATENT SECURITY.  

Be advised that anyone contacting us that are experiencing severe health issues, i.e., cancer, pain, respiratory problems, digestive disorders, skin disorders, or burns, we will expedite their manufacturing and shipping, 
Thanks for looking!  We hope you join our happy and healthy family!
Kind regards,
Jon A. Steffes, CEO 
Angelic Pure Water, LLC. Dealer/Distributor for Mr. John Ellis, Westbrookville, NY
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