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Over the past 18 years since the invention of the John Ellis Electron Living Water Machine, Mr. Ellis has received over 10,000 written testimonials from people from around the world.  We currently receive countless letters (On file, by law) and phone calls from individuals reporting "miraculous cures" from severe health problems; many of those reporting a "complete remission" from their life-threatening cancers.  

We also hear from farmers, ranchers, and town/city officials dealing with pollution control.  Many of them were trying to treat putrid and foul waste-lagoons, or stagnant water areas by using toxic chemicals, like chlorine.  After contacting us, and applying our John Ellis "Energized" & hydrogenated/oxygenated water, these areas were completely cleaned and "brought back to life".  

We know there are the skeptics out there.  Some may think that if this machine does all it says it does, there should be millions of them sold, rather than just several thousand.  

Well, Mr. Ellis is an engineer and inventor. Since the invention of the John Ellis Electron Living Water Machine, 99% of his marketing has been strictly "word-of-mouth".  He has just recently contracted our company, ANGELIC PURE MED WATER as his exclusive Dealer/Distributor in addition to handling customer service.  We also market his remarkable machine and water on eBay and anticipate over 1 million machines sold by end of 2011.

The importance of drinking pure, clean water is nothing new.  There are many company's that claim to have the "best water filter", or "best water purifier" or reverse osmosis.  The fact is, none of them has the ability to remove pathogens and disease markers from previous users; nor do they have the ability to actually change the molecular structure of water.  John Ellis' invention does it all!  

It is hard to believe that cases of cancer have increased over 300% in just the last generation of Americans (20 years).  
How many of us drink "bottled water" in plastic?  When is the last time you bought a quart of milk, in glass?  Or, a bottle of catchup in glass?
Water is noted for the ability to "absorb" whatever it comes in contact with.  One of the deadliest toxins are found in PLASTICS due to the PETROLEUM used in its manufacturing.  Nowadays, everything is bottled or packaged in PLASTIC!  So, should we really wonder why so many of us are having severe health issues? 
Here are just a few of our most recent testimonials.  You are welcome to request full name, contact information, and photo-copy of exact letter(s) we've received.  Simply write us and request:  TESTIMONIAL DISCLOSURE, and include the initials of name and State provided with the testimonial you would like to contact.
I bought a gallon of angelic pure med water for my wife who has been suffering from ovarian cancer for nearly a year; she wouldn't drink it.  So, I "sneaked" it to her by making her morning coffee with it.  Without knowing what I was doing, she mentioned a couple times that the coffee tasted better, and asked if I'd changed brands.  I answered, "no", and nothing more was said.  Last month, she was scheduled to begin chemo therapy.  Two weeks prior, she was asked to come in for additional blood tests prior to the therapy.  The doctors office called a few days later and asked her to come in again, for more blood tests.  She asked, "why again - I just had blood tests done a few days ago".  The office explained that the last tests came out so differently from all others, that they thought they may have the wrong patient/test, or it was misplaced?????.  So, she went in again.  The next call we got was from the doctor himself!  He told my wife that her cancer was in total remission and no longer needed chemo therapy.  In addition, he said her red and white blood cell counts were perfectly normal.  Needless to say, we were all rather astounded.  When I told my wife I had been sneaking the water to her in her coffee, she nearly fainted.  Thank you mr. john ellis, and angelic pure med water.  I wish I could afford a machine, but just one gallon did the trick!  
Dennis .S. Dearborn, MI July, 2011
The John Ellis Electron LWM-4 living water machine is fabulous!  Being a real "health nut", I know that all water (Unless distilled) carries disease makers from other people and animals.  I also feel that bottled water is terrible, both for our health and the health of our planet.  Bottle water company's have no FDA approvals or are they even required to supervise the bottled water industry.  I've had numerous water conditioners, filters, and purifiers all claiming to provide pure drinking water, and we were still getting sick!  After purchasing the LWM-4, we've rarely had even a cold!  I knew it was working when I took my first whole body felt invigorated.  I don't personally have any major health problems, but my dog did.  She had been suffering from arthritis for a couple years, and after adding the John Ellis water to her water bowl, she's been running around like a young puppy!  She's an 11 year old German Shepard but no longer acts like one.  My daughter thinks I put sugar in the water!  It does taste delicious, and I know it is the purest water there is.
Scott S.  Tampa, FL May, 2011
Dear Angelic Pure Med Water - I did a lot of research before purchasing the john ellis electron LWM-5 machine on eBay.  There are many articles both positive and negative found on the Internet.  Naturally, all the negative comments and opinions were for the most part made by seemingly rather uneducated individuals.  One in particular stated it was impossible to change the molecules in water.  Well, as a chemistry professor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, I can tell you they absolutely can be changed and the john ellis invention does precisely that.  By heating and cooling water rapidly from one tank to another, along with a vortex that excites the molecules in water, (Not to mention the ultra-violet lights that destroy all bacteria and viruses) the result is an increase in the hydrogen/oxygen bond angle, which measures around 107' (Degrees) in everyday drinking water.  Water treated through the john ellis process actually increases the hydrogen/oxygen bond angle to around 114', which is similar to that of water from thousands, if not millions of years ago.  Pollution is the major factor causing the decrease in the bond angles in water.  Consequently, our blood and body cells are not being nourished as they should be.  It is a proven medical fact that most cancer cells can not grow in high oxygenated blood.  My personal opinion is, your machine is the only one that truly produces pure, disease-free, chemical-free water.  I even take it with us when we go on vacation.  Great invention!  And, something all should have.
Judy J. Las Vegas, NV
For years we've owned a water-well drilling company in Nevada, and recently purchased your top of the line model LWM-5.  Initially we wanted to improve the quality of our well water, and remove the disease markers.  Being in the business, we know that not all well, or cistern water is the same.  Many have all kinds of pesticides, and runoff from polluted aquafirs.  The use of chlorine has been the only acceptable "cleaner" of contaminated water, but it's use is devastating on well plumbing, bladder tanks, pipes, valves, and pumps.  When we treated our well with the energized water we produce, it turned our plumbing into "like new" condition, and it has stayed that way ever since.  We have recently started our own "well-treatment" company and have treated over 50 wells, many of which were barely passing State inspections.  We don't know how only 15 gallons added to our well did all that it did.  Truly miraculous!  What's really amazing is when we treat a well, the neighbors well water gets treated, too!  As far as we know, the treatment lasts indefinitely.
Bill S.  Amargosa, NV Feb. 2011
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This is what the inside of the John Ellis Electon LWM-4 machine looks like after producing only 30 gallons of pure, distilled, energized water. Nearly one pound of contaminants, pollutants, bacteria, virusus, and diseases removed. And this was from Detroit, Michigan city water! 

Imagine what's in your water
They say you can't buy love, and you can't buy happiness.   If asked what you would most want to have in life, the unanimous answer is,
They also say, "You're only as healthy as the water you drink".
Are you drinking pure, clean, chemical and disease-free "healthy water"?  We hope so!
Our most important goal is to get as many of us as possible, as healthy as possible!
Take a look in your medicine cabinet; or where ever you may keep your "prescribed drugs".  If you have more than 3 bottles, this should be a warning call.  The medical and pharmaceutical industry is huge, and very powerful, to say the least.  People around the country are continually being brainwashed into thinking the FDA is there to protect us.  Unfortunately, the majority of us are being poisened by chemicals and drugs, APPROVED BY THE FDA.  There are commercials on TV daily advertising drugs for every known health problem, and then they (By law) must tell you the "side affects".  You end up taking another drug to relieve the effects of the initial drug prescribed...a vicious and deadly domino effect.  As the cartoon shows, observe people coming and going from your local drug store, or watch those standing in line, waiting for their "prescription".  Then, observe people coming in and going out of your local HEALTH STORE!  

I think we've made our point.